New Modular Garage Apartment

Modular garage apartment – A garage can be both a repository for the car and an extra storage space. A growing trend is to build a garage with second floor. The surface can use for teen accommodation, guest room or office. Noticed increased interest in living space above the garage. New tax for renting out parts of their homes means that more planning to build a garage with apartment rentals. And thereby finance the garage a few years.

Best Modular Garage Apartment

Talented garages suppliers or designers can help plan so that the garage will be smooth and cover the needs at the right price. This ranges from the proper size of the garage to whether it should be insulated or not. The ports that fits best and how you can best utilize the new building modular garage apartment.

As for the style of the garage so it tastes like control. You can choose to create a device with the other buildings of the same type of roof and color, or choose to break off completely with a different style. A simple trick to make it blend in better is to have similar windows in the garage building as the modular garage apartment building. Crescent-shaped windows, transoms and frames allow the new building fit together with the old. Is it a functionalist villa might fit better with a pent roof?

11 New Modular Garage Apartment Photos