Pleasant Ideas Apartment Decorator

Apartment decorator – The small apartment consists of a unique environment of 6 x 6 meters plus a balcony that were decorate entirely by him in a very original style that defines as eclectic. The biggest challenge, from the point of view of decoration. It was to achieve a comfortable and also functional setting in that square space with an integrated kitchen to sleep, eat and work. Planning ahead, then put together different plans to test the possibilities of distribution of the furniture. And also the sectorization of the different areas.

Apartment Decorator Carpet

A studio apartment decorator was renovation. And also transform into a comfortable 2 room apartment with an original split as a space separator. And an eclectic loft style decoration. Nordic is one of the most versatile styles out there. Being so neutral, any furniture and accessory that we add naturally combines. And has the ability to define a new style in the decoration.

In this case, it is a small apartment decorator of 2 main rooms with Nordic interiors. And furniture of style that give the decoration that typical vintage look. 20 meters² is the total area of ​​the studio. And that number includes the meters of the bathroom. The entrance hall, closet and kitchenette, leaving for the main room less space. To the point that prevented arming a sector for the living.

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