Free Online Background Checks to Protect You from Domestic Abuse

Have you ever considered completing online background checks on someone you know? More and ore people are doing so, sometimes for official purposes and sometimes for personal purposes. One of the reasons people use the check is because they want to protect themselves from domestic abuse. Of course, a free online background check is not the same as an official criminal records check or pre-employment check, but is better than nothing and certainly has the potential to save lives.

How to Use Free Online Background Checks

These checks have been designed to be really easy. You simply need to find a provider online and fill in the relevant forms. It is important that you provide as much information as possible on the person you are looking into. Our country is large and there are numerous people with the same name and even the same date of birth, so the more details you have, the more likely it is that you will find the information on the person you are actually looking for.

Statistics on Domestic Violence

Some people feel that we now live in somewhat of a police state. While the internet was designed to help us find information and communicate, it has instead become a resource to spy on people’s conversations and find information that was previously considered, if not 100% private, at least very difficult to obtain. Of course, you have the option of not conducting a background check. And, so long as you have been an outstanding citizen, there is also nothing to worry about if someone conducts a background check on you.

In this country, around 20 people are violently abused by their partner every minute. Domestic violence is also not something that happens to women alone, although it does happen to them more commonly. In fact, one in three women have or will have been with an abusive partner. But the statistics are getting worse for men as well, with one in four now experiencing intimate physical violence at least once in their life.

In terms of severe physical violence, it happens to one in four women and one in seven men in their lifetime. Meanwhile, one in seven women and one in 18 men have had to or will have to experience stalking by their partner, to the point that they became afraid either for their lives or that of someone they cared about.

Every day, around 20,000 phone calls are received by domestic violence hotlines across the country. The risk of being the victim of homicide, meanwhile, increases by 500% if a gun is present in a household. What few people know is that, out of all violent crimes in the country, 15% are related to domestic violence. It is likely, in fact, that those numbers are far higher because so many people do not come forward to say they have been the victim of a violent crime at the hand of their partner.

Clearly, running a free online background check on someone is simple self-preservation.