How The Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews Won Me Over

I hadn’t been in Texas long before we realized that we were going to have to find ourselves a new family doctor. If any of you have tried to find a new family doctor before then you will know that it isn’t always that easy. Must confess that I like to know the ins and outs of the medical center that we are using, so you could consider me slightly fussier than most. One day I was browsing online for local medical centers here in Austin, Texas when I read the Dr. Karl Jawhari reviews which had been posted by both his patients and members of the medical board which he was involved with. Usually I don’t pay attention to online reviews but these were different, and here is why.


Whenever I see reviews that have only been left nay one or two people I instantly dismiss them because we all have different standards, especially when it comes to medical care. In the case of Dr. Jawhari however, there were an abundance of reviews that had been left about how great a doctor he was, his excellence in a range of medical cases from pastoral care and beyond. I immediately thought that if so many people were keen to leave reviews, he must be great.


The reviews that I read were far more than simply waxing lyrical about the doctor, but they also had some highly detailed information such as the working hours of the clinic and how the doctor was also involved in far more in the medical community than simply being a doctor. Something I particularly liked was a reviewer who had asked to see the notes of a June board meeting, and the doctor had obliged to show the minutes, to further include the patients in the board dealings in the locality.


Something else which I thought was brilliant was that the doctor had actually taken the time to look at the reviews and comment on each one with words of thanks or further information. To see the doctor taking time out of what is no doubt a busy schedule was brilliant and it for me, it was more evidence of how great the man himself is.

Jack of All Trades

Finally the reviews showed one thing very clearly which was that this is a doctor who likes to stay close to all aspects of his job including pastoral, medical and even admin. This was clearly a doctor who went against the agreed order which is in place, and instead decided that he wanted to micro manage patient care in the community, something which has clearly had excellent consequences. It was for all of these reasons that we decided to make this our new family doctor, and we have never looked back since, thank goodness for those reviews!