How to Get the Biggest Discounts While Online Shopping

A huge reason for online shopping is to find the best deal imaginable.  But sometimes, even after endless searching, the price is still just not right. That’s why you should follow these tricks to find the best discounts when shopping online.

Put items in your cart and leave them there – If you go to a retailer’s website and leave an item or multiple items in your cart, you have a better chance at getting a deal if you let those items sit for a few days. Every retailer wants to sell products, so when they see that you’re interested in something but still not closing the deal, they’ll do whatever it takes to sell that item. When you let items sit in your cart, you’ll often receive an email with a coupon from the retailer, either for a discount for a specific item or for a certain percentage off your entire purchase. But make sure you have an account with the retailer and you’re logged in when you place the items in your cart, or else this strategy does not work!

Shop around for coupons – There are lots of coupon sites out there, so utilize these. You can also download a browser extension that automatically searches for the best deal anytime you are purchasing a product online (like one called Honey). I love the Honey plugin and it has saved me money countless times. It just runs automatically in the background when checking out online, recommended!

Join mailing lists and sign up for email alerts – If you join a company’s mailing list, you’ll almost always receive special deal alerts and coupons from them via email. Yes, there is usually a lot of spam as well, but as long as you’re okay rifling through the trash this is a great way to find discounts at your favorite stores. Some stores give you an initial discount just for signing up, and you’ll also get alerts about in-store sales.

Compare prices – Whether you’re shopping online or in store, you should always compare prices to find the best deal. Sometimes the online and in store prices don’t match, so check to see which one is better. Also, compare online prices between retailers. Lots of retailers will match the price if you find the same product for cheaper from another retailer. Many people have a bad habit of buying then researching, put your time in before you buy and it will be time well spent.

When shopping online, switch your browser to a private mode – Did you know that depending on where you live, some retailers will charge you higher for a product than they would someone else? If your browser location is on, you might be getting charged more for something just because of your zip code. Retailers can see if you live in a higher-income area, or even if you are in a rural area where they have less competition. They can also determine if you’re a repeat customer, and if you are they’ll often raise the price. So switch your browser to a private mode, it might save you a few bucks. On some browsers it is called incognito mode but it’s the same thing.

When you’re shopping online, never settle for a price that seems high – there is almost always a better deal out there somewhere, you just have to find it! If you’re into saving money and love to travel our cities in California to visit on a budget might be just what you’re looking for.