Owning my first bed

Everyone’s first bed is chosen by someone else. Usually a parent. As kids, we don’t think about beds. We identify them with having to go to sleep and at that age, sleep isn’t fun. So that means beds aren’t fun. But then we grow up.

I was in my early 20s when I bought my first bed. I’d left home and moved into an apartment. I wanted everything in it to be the best. A good bed was important. And not just an ordinary single bed either. I had a girlfriend. I was also on a tight budget. After all, my new home needed more than just a bed.

I went online to check out 4ft beds. I had no idea there were so many! But eventually, I managed to narrow it down to ten favourites. Then I compared their reviews. I got it down to three.

To be honest, I never thought I’d get excited looking for a bed, but I did. It was because it would really be mine. Not one chosen by my parents. It was big enough for me and my girlfriend. And it was new! That was the most important thing. It was new. It would smell new and feel new. And, whichever of the three I eventually chose, it would look great in my new apartment.

Two of the beds I could go visit in store. Which was great because there’s nothing better than testing something out first, is there? I mean, who wants to shell out good money only to find that the bed doesn’t look right in the bedroom or the mattress doesn’t feel good, even though it’s as firm or as soft as you expected? If life was like that they’d just be one type of mattress for each level of firmness wouldn’t there? You have to test something to really know if you and it are a good match.

I went and checked out two of my three choices. The beds were nice. They seemed comfortable enough when I lay on them in the store. But something wasn’t right. This wasn’t natural. The store was big and full of people. It couldn’t have looked or felt more different from my bedroom.

I was self-conscious when I tested the mattresses. And I struggled to imagine what the beds would look like back home. In short, I realised that going to the store wasn’t going to help me chose the best bed. I needed to see and test it in the best place. And that was my bedroom.

The third option was from a company called Just 4ft Beds. The reviews I’d read were really positive. Better still, they wouldn’t charge me to deliver the bed and there was a 7 day no quibble return policy. I couldn’t lose. I’d be able to see what the bed looked like in my bedroom instead of imagining it. And I’d be able to test the mattress for a few days without feeling that everyone in a store was looking at me. The bed was with me in days. I didn’t need to use their 7-day return guarantee because the bed was brilliant.

Buying a bed is a big decision. Buying your first bed is an even bigger one. I’ve never regretted that purchase. It was money well spent.