ShiftPixy discuss the Different types of shifts you can work

ShiftPixy who run an online shift application discuss all the different types of shifts you can work. Contrary to popular thought some people do actually like to do shifts in their job and this is for a myriad of reasons. Some people really do not like to work early in the morning and actually feel really unproductive at this time of day, for them working shifts of 12-8 really suits their character and their lifestyle.

So, what common shift patterns are there, well as we have mentioned there is the usual day shift or the nine to five that it is also called? Some people will happily work nine to five for the whole of their lives and will love their hour-long lunch break. Some will find the hour for lunch to long and will ask to work a half an hour of overtime in this period if possible, this not only fills in the time it also gives them a little more money at the end of the month. People do like day shift as it fits well into a normal day, allows you to have a social life and doesn’t interrupt your circadian rhythm or sleep patterns.

Swing shift or second shift as it is known is the second shift of the day, which means that the swing shifters will take over from the day shift, therefore hours will be 4pm till 12am or something similar. People like this as it can be quieter; there are usually less management around and less administration and breaks for meetings and so on.

The night shift or the graveyard shift as it is affectionately known is when you work through the night time. For example, from 12am to 8am. Again, some people like this because it is quieter and workers in the care industry will do what they call a sleep over. So as long as your patient or client is settled you are literally paid to sleep through the night and you get extra money for this. There will of course be some nights when this is very disturbed but not every night that you work.

Split shifts tend to be the ones that people like the least this is when you will work for a few hours have a few hours gap and then work some more.  This makes planning and socializing difficult and in your few hours spare in the middle you basically are just waiting to return to work.

Some people will work twelve hour shifts these are commonly 6 till 6.  The downside with these is that sometimes they will turn into 13 or 14 hour shifts if something needs to be done, especially in the medical profession.

Some jobs will have twenty-four hour duty and you can again usually sleep as long as something major isn’t happening, usually relating to why you are doing the shift in the first place.  This again is common with firefighters and in the medical profession.

The final one is the preferred work of some, no fixed shift pattern.  This can be those who are self-employed or athletes, authors, musicians and others who will choose their own shift pattern.