Steven Scott Google advocated discusses what it is like working there

Steven Scott Google employee knows just what a great job he has landed. People from all over the world with the greatest academic brains, aspire to work for Google as a research scientist, investigative analyst, marketing, many jobs in the legal departments of Google, computer engineer, web developer designer and so on. In every field they will only employ the people who are top of their game and have proven themselves to be worthy, either through what they have done previously in their work or self-employment, or how they have performed in academic study and exams.

People from all over the world have succeeded and are now happily earning their two hundred thousand dollars salary and doing what they love daily. The Google name is renowned all over the world and it is the search engine that is here to stay. Although it wasn’t the first, it built on what was there and it fixed the teething problems of other search engines. Now it is just growing and growing.

So, what is it like to be a research scientist at google, well you are surrounded by the most analytic brains in the world. Computer Science specialists are wall to wall. You will also be surrounded by PHD Graduates. If you are struggling with anything there will be an expert close at hand who probably wrote a thesis if not a book on the subject and you will in turn be able to help someone else the next day. All of the information and knowledge that they have and projects that they are working on are open for others to see, this is the Google ethos.

The atmosphere is pleasant, and this is well documented. The ethos of the company is all about growth and knowledge and improvement, all of the best things in life. The salary is good. Also, as a computer expert you get to play with the biggest powerful machines, with as much memory as you can imagine and as many machines as you need will be placed at your disposal. I imagine it is a bit like the child in a sweet shop analogy. The multi-cultural multi-talented atmosphere is enough to spur you onto achieving great things.

Also contrary to beliefs you will find people of all ages working in this field, it isn’t just a young man’s game at all. Those who have had a background and history in computing and even business will have a fully relevant place with google. The research scientist arm of the workforce employs a lot of people who have proven their worth in the past outside of the Google framework. They are approached and offered a package, in most instances, that they cannot and do not want to refuse. They also are enticed by the enormity of Google and are aware that this search Engine is impacting on a lot of things in our lives, surely we want only the best workers to be in charge of that.