The importance of fireplace screens in your home

Fireplace screens, were originally used as a decorative measure, especially if you had an old outdated fireplace, you could save the expense and mess of getting it updated and could instead choose the fireplace screen of your choice, to suit your style and your décor. With stained glass, hand painted or contemporary metal designs you can still make the fire a focal point of your home. Whether you choose to move it over the Summer months or leave it there is entirely up to you. With so many different ones on offer there really is something for everyone and to match every feature of the house. At an affordable price you could even have a spare. Companies who sell fire screens are now also very up to speed with what people want from them. They offer matching accessories such as fire tool sets which all coordinate to create a fantastic cosy oldy world type feel in your home.

At first people thought that this would detract from the beauty of the open fire but now due to the success of the producers of the fireplace screens this fear has been allayed.

As the nights turn darker and colder so do the safety aspects of having an open fire in your home. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to protect the home and their families, including any pets that are kept in the house, from any dangers associated with an open fire. Animals and children can do unpredictable things but with a fireplace screen the dangers can be seriously illuminated. Giving you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy your home and the natural fire to the utmost.  Open fires can be a danger to many not only pets and children, but elderly people or dare we say those who have issues of one kind or another, who may accidentally fall into the fire. As a homeowner or landlord or landlady would you really want to be responsible for such a problem when it is really easy to avoid, with just a little thought and a little money. As the screens are very hardwearing it is unlikely that they will need to be replaced for a very long time.

It has been obviously proven that fireplace screens will protect your home and your family and as a result of this a fireplace barrier is required to be sold with every glass fronted fireplace or gas stove sold in America, this took effect as of 1 January 2015. Some companies therefore decided that they would attach the screen to the glass and sell the product all in one. Therefore, creating a matching all in one product Others decided to do a deal buy the fire get the fireplace screen of your choice for free. The reason for this legislation was the number of burns cases that were received at the hospital, especially of youngsters but sometimes adults would fall into the fire perhaps a little worse for ware or after a fall etc. Also, veterinary practices had to treat animals who were curious about the fire.