Tips For Those Applying For An Online Job For The First Time

Freelancing is nowadays much more popular than a few years ago and it is really easy to understand why since we are faced with a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to make extra money. The industry shows such a high growth that there are even websites that help businesses find regular shift workers when they need them, like ShiftPixy. However, the evolution of freelancing does have a side effect: competition is really high.

Freelance workers have to learn how to adapt in order to land great jobs and build their freelancing portfolios. With regular jobs the CV building process is simple. With freelancing it can be more complicated. If you want to apply for a job online for the very first time, the process is often seen as overwhelming. Fortunately, some tips can always help you, with those below being perfect for beginners.

Always Be Honest

This is, by far, the most important thing you need to remember when you apply for a new job online. It is really tempting to lie but this is not at all a good idea since it is quite easy to get caught. With the online application process it is much faster for the employer to check that what you said is correct. Also, saying lies about practically anything is not in your best interest. Business owners always appreciate honesty and will prefer the honest freelancers.

Are you a beginner? Let the employer know you are willing to learn. Is your CV shallow because you signed NDA agreements? Offer to do some free work to show you are really good at your job. There are always ways in which you can negotiate and many jobs are already available.

Do Not Ask For Less Than What You Are Worth

This is the most common mistake made by newbie freelancers that apply for their very first job. In an attempt to get more jobs, it is common to sacrifice pay. That can only lead to more problems in the future. You need to be sure that you know your worth and that you do not pay less or you would end up in the unwanted situation in which it will be really difficult to ask for more in the future.

Remember that there is a difference between offering some work for free in order to show how good you are and that you are the right person for the job and getting paid less than what you are worth. There are many employers out there that take advantage of those in need and will try to get you to agree to less money. Do not agree to it!

Screen Employers Before Applying For A Job

Just as employers screen job applicants, you can screen the employers. It is really important that you do so as it will help you to avoid those that are dishonest and that would not care much about the workers in the first place. The internet allows you to easily learn a lot about many employers. Take advantage of it.