What Do Employees Have To Know About Computer Security?

Most people do not know this but insider threat stands out as the main security threat for every single information system out there. This does not mean that someone on the inside is going to steal data or will hack anything. What this means is that the lack of knowledge of employees is the one that leads to security problems. If you do not have a proper system in place to teach employees all that is needed for increased security, James Scott ICIT states that you open the doors to various problems that allow dishonest users gain access to business data.

The minimum information needed for business employees includes:

  • The information type that the company processes.
  • The basic IT security responsibilities.
  • The password policy of the company.
  • Security best practices that have to be followed.
  • What is seen as clean working area capable of supporting security.
  • Common attack methods.
  • Treats type an employee has to be on the lookout for.
  • The email policies of the company.
  • The web surfing and social media policies.

Company employees have to know how the raw data is being processed in order to create information, together with how that information is made in order to make profit or important business decisions. When this is not properly understood the entire company loses.

People that work for you and those third parties that come into direct contact with the business system have to be considered as being possible threats. This is the exact reason why you absolutely need to have a good security plan in place. All employees have to be aware of what that plan includes. When you are not doing this, the business is at huge risk.

All employees have responsibilities in regards to computer security. Those that process and obtain company data have to know their responsibilities. Employees practically have to be accountable and aware. Being security aware allows knowing what to do if an attack happens and take measures that prevent them.

Maintaining a safe workspace is only possible when everyone knows what to do. Workers have to be able to and know how to lock keyboards so that people passing by cannot access terminals or observe screens.

When talking about passwords, company employees have to be educated about common practices, like using multi-factor authentication and creating highly secured passwords. Every single password has to be periodically changed and as complex as possible. The digital security program has to be organized and constantly evaluated to make sure everything works as it should.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, company employees need to do all that they can to play their role so overall security is as strong as possible. However, this is only possible in the event that business managers realize that external threats are just a small part of the security equation that needs to be solved. Whenever there are security problems identified, they have to be solved as soon as possible. A failure to do so at the very least leaves an open door for hackers to use and take advantage.