Where to go on a girl’s trip to the Caribbean


It’s been far too long since you and the girls have been together in one place, but now you’ve coordinated your schedules so that you are all off at the same time. Proposed destination: The Caribbean – all that remains to be determined is the island.

Below, we’ll run down a few of my favourites – I hope it helps make your travel planning easier!

1) U.S. Virgin Islands

Want to enjoy the sun of the Caribbean with your gals without having to deal with the usual hassles of international travel? You can leave your passports at home when you plan a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

All you’ll need is a piece of picture ID and you’ll be let on a plane headed for one of the most tranquil islands in the Caribbean. Complete with white sand beaches and rugged hills carpeted in jungle, you’ll have the perfect setting for a quality week spent with the best of friends.

Catch up with your sisters over a daiquiri while you lie on the sun-soaked shores of Scott Bay, or get active by heading out on the water by way of a private boat tour.

Want to have a magical experience you will all remember years from now? Sign up for a snorkelling excursion together. Floating above magical coral reefs and amidst colourful tropical fish will give you tons to talk about once you get back to the resort, so don’t miss it.

As fun as your nights will be at any one of the excellent nightclubs found in the islands, there will be somewhere you will be looking to have some low-key fun, or maybe you aren’t feeling so well. 

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2) The Bahamas

Want to arrive in the Caribbean via boat, but don’t have a lot of time for a getaway? Head to the Bahamas on a weekend cruise straight out of Miami. After a night spent enjoying everything your boat has to offer, disembark in the Bahamas for a day of unrestrained fun on its golden sands.

Swim, suntan, eat, drink, shop, etc – in Nassau, all of these are possible. That evening, you’ll have the chance to keep the party going on the top deck of your ship – live it up, as, by morning, you’ll be back home in boring ‘ol Miami.

3) Barbados

Want a girls trip with a British flair? Make plans to spend time on Barbados. A former crown colony, this island nation embraces its roots wholeheartedly, as its right-hand drive cars, afternoon tea times, and impeccable sense of manners make no mistake as to which nation influenced it for centuries.

From spending time on sun loungers at the glamorous Sandy Lane Hotel to enjoying rum cocktails made from spirits distilled on the island, you’ll be sure to enjoy every day you spend on this cracking isle.