Why Don’t Managers Delegate Tasks?

As a manager, it is vital that you delegate tasks but unfortunately, most professionals simply do not do this since they are afraid of various different things. Ryan Grigson mentions the most common fears that managers have when delegating below. Read them and avoid them.

Tasks Aren’t Going To Be Properly Handled

Many managers have this huge worry when the truth is that a part of the job is to find the best person that can perform the job. Delegating is actually a primordial part of being a successful manager. You can so easily start by using tests and smaller tasks to see what capability someone has. Then, start increasing how complex the tasks are. After the person proves that the work is done well, delegating is something that can improve overall business efficiency.

As a related tip, when you initially delegate, simply follow up. This is actually a very good idea since it is the manager that will be accountable.

Subordinates Might Handle Tasks Better Than Managers

When business managers figure out the fact that they are not the best people at every single job they make the step towards becoming a true professional. It is completely normal to have someone on the team that is better than you at doing something. The smart managers acknowledge this and actually take advantage of the skills of their employees.

The fear that someone will do a better job and will end up making managers look bad should not exist. The business manager should simply be seen as a coach, mentor or team leader. A really good leader makes the entire team work at the highest possible potential.

Getting Replaced By A Subordinate

This is already mentioned in the paragraphs above. A manager is in the given position because of specific competencies shown in the past. If the subordinate shows some better work through the work that was delegated, there is a fear that managers will eventually be replaced.

The solution to this problem is to build relationships based on respect. What is delegated has to be clear and when the business manager also does his job, nothing bad will happen.  

Not Being Involved In Important Decisions

There are definitely some subordinates that will become enthusiastic and that could infringe some tasks. When such an issue appears, everything should be discussed. For example, if you are now delegating a task, you want to find the best person for it, the one that has shown to take smart decisions in the past and you need to talk to that person to get on the same page.


Managers should never fear delegation. This is a huge part of the job and you need to identify those subordinates that can help you to move the entire business forward. You are never going to find a highly successful manager that does everything. There is so much work that has to be done that it would be impossible to anyway. Do not fear delegation and use it with the goal of business and team growth.